Thursday, May 08, 2008

Short blog tonight. The galloping trots that have knocked over the kids in turn over the last week has just claimed its third victim. And when did it strike? Last thing at night. Brilliant timing. I need to sleep. I'm trying to work out if I could duct tape myself onto one of the toilets.

Until normal service is resumed: here is some crappy music:

Phoebe, here's the code to do that: just substitute the usual HTML Dalekspeak pointy brackets for the squiggly ones

{embed controls="smallconsole" autostart="true" src="" height="15" width="50"}{/embed}

EDIT: I turned off the autostart. It was driving me crazy. But it still works if you click the play button.

1 comment:

Phoebe said...

Thanks, L.

Sorry to hear about the Toilet Dramas.

Vaguely similar, Flash Gordanne keeps peeing in our bed. Multiple times a night. Come to bed to find one comforter doused. Peal it off, wake up at 2am, hand on 2nd comforter puddle. Peal it off.

We've had to move out of our room. Sigh.

Not as bad as the trots, though. Hope you are solid soon.

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