Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just poking around on my counter to see if the expected sudden rush of a visitor had pushed my readership up into double figures when I noticed this:
My counter can't count.

I also just noticed that the picture of the 'Free CD' that used to be over there ----> has gone and vanished. Which means...


...yep. The webspace attached to a long defunct email address has been reclaimed by the owners. Damn them! How dare they reclaim their own property? A whole load of pictures from the blog and forums I have posted to have evaporated. Bum! Luckily I seem to have made a backup and will now have to go find where all the empty spaces are and redirect the links to their new home.

Any and all help appreciated, just go here:
find a picture you like and see where you think it should fit in the World Wide Web. Should be easy, it's just like a jigsaw - except all of the bits are rectangular.

Here's one to start you off.

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Phoebe said...


That picture out of context is ridiculously funny.

I bet it's even funnier in it's proper place.

I'm jealous of all your traffic! Why don't people say something to you?

PEOPLE! Say something to him!!!

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