Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The day and a half spent at Ilona's was great.

I slept.

Merriol threw me out of the house on Friday. She'd borrowed Ilona's house keys, Ilona and Andy being away for the weekend, and told me to go and get some sleep and do fuck all for a day or two. I went. I slept for 12 hours, got up did my eMail and a couple of other bits and bobs on Ilona's computer, ate then went back to bed for another 24 hours. I didn't sleep all the time. Slept, woke up, watched a crappy movie, slept, woke up, watched a crappy movie etc. I feel so much better now. Caught up on my sleep at last. Caught up on my craapy movies too.

As I arrived home on Sunday night Fraser came over and said he could start the roof windows on Tuesday! Which meant totally rearranging the week but as we have been waiting for him to get round to doing this for about 6 months now we were not going to put him off in anyway. Daisy is no longer sleeping on the balcony but Holly's room. A situation they both took in their stride.

I Love my Kids!

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