Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The window in our upstairs bathroom is in! Well, when I say 'bathroom' I mean the space where our upstairs bathroom will be one day - when we can afford it. We are sneaking up on it slowly. When we put the upstairs into this building we laid all the pipework ready behind the wall, placed the radiator and the lighting and light switch as if the wall was there but ran out of money before we got to putting all the expensive bits in. Putting the Velux in brings it another step closer.

The Veluxs were salvaged from a demolition site. I got five of them for 150 quid. Three of them got fitted three years ago when we did the last major works to the house; the other two, the two we are fitting this week, have been sat in a shed ever since waiting for this moment to arrive.

So, Tuesday; after several hours choppping a hole in the roof, stripping away slates and cutting away roof timbers we had the frame in place and instead of being inside passing tools out to Fraser, who was on the scaffolding, it was easier for me to work outside on the scaffolding with him. I climbed up. I looked at the velux we were fitting. I looked over at the one we had fitted three years ago and realised we were missing the metalwork that keeps the window waterproof. I had no idea if we had it or where it was if we did.

Total blank.

We had spent several hours making a, very neat, hole in my roof and I had no idea if we had all the stuff to fill it up again. And it was raining.

I found the stuff eventually but it was a real "How the Fuck could I be so stupid!?" moments.

Today, Wednesday, I spent the almost the entire day taking everything out of the small kitchen. Half an hour ripping down the ceiling and two hours shoveling up the mess. At least it was a plasterboard ceiling and I will only have black snot for a couple of days. If it had been a lath and plaster ceiling my snotters would have been black for a week. No idea how this works but even with a mask on ripping down ceilings always has this affect on me

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