Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I still think 'Blogging' Sounds Like Something Rude in Welsh

Don't you? Come on, admit it:

Start humming Men of Harlech to yourself and then read the following:

"Well it was like this see, Hew Davies, Dai the Flab and I were blogging Bronwen Jones up the alley when we hears this noise, see."

I rest my case.

Holly has been a monster all day, took herself off to bed this afternoon for a long nap and just howled and kicked and screamed all evening when we got her up for her tea. After a very short, very splashy bathtime; she and Daisy kept waking each other up all evening. We just got one sorted and settled - and the other would start howling. It took both of us three hours to get them both off to sleep simultaniously; that's getting on for an entire working day just to get two kids to sleep.... Christ! No wonder I'm knackered.

And that's about it. That's the most exciting thing that has happened to me all day.

Mike and I have started writing this stupid 30 minute play idea for a festival in Glasgow. It gives us a deadline which I think we both need. he rang this morning to cancel today's scribbling session because his eldest, Finn, has succumbed to a sudden bout of projectile vomiting. I can now fully understand why I see the lines "XX took up writing after her children had left home" on so many Author Biogs. Because it is neigh on fucking impossible to get anything done when they are still around. Mike and I must be crazy to try and do this.

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