Monday, April 17, 2006

My Life Has Come True - That is the Name of the Shop Where You Wash Ducks

Easter Sunday 2006. All over the world people are going to church, eating copious amounts of expensivly-wrapped, cheap chocolate Easter eggs and the manufacturors of novelty Bunny Ears are going on expensive holidays. Nuclear families are joyously rolling two point four brightly coloured, hand-painted eggs down grassy hills in pre-Christian fertility rituals. A happy time.

In our house it was the day I ripped out the kitchen.

With the new velux flooding the place with light it became horribly obvious what a ramshackle bogging shithole it really was. I decided I would have to do something about it - so I ripped it all out before I could change my mind. For good measure I didn't stop till I had also ripped out the unused door that led from the kitchen to the outside world. Unused because about 5 years ago I put shelving and a worksurface in front of it rendering it pretty damn useles as a door and pretty ineffectual as a wall. The wind used to howl in round the edges and water drove in underneath it. The space where the door used to be is now filled with a sheet of polyethalene stretched around a frame made from some old 3x4s. It's more weatherproof than the door was . One of these days I will have this place finished.

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Anonymous said...

One of these days we'll have this place started.

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