Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Economics. Me No Understand It.

The stuff for the new kitchen is ordered. For this (and a couple of other jobs) we need some sand. About half a tonne. The builders suppliers don't sell sand by the half tonne. They sell tonne bags and 25 kg bags:

"How much is a tonne?"

The Man at The Builder's Suppliers:
Forty-three pounds - plus VAT.

How much is half a tonne in 25 kg bags?

The Man at The Builder's Suppliers:
Erm... Hang on. I'll have to work it out...
(muttering and muffled stabbing at a pocket calculator)
That comes to... er Forty-two pounds. Plus VAT.

So if I order a full tonne, I'll be getting
twice as much for only a quid more?

The Man at The Builder's Suppliers:
...plus VAT, yes.

I'll take the full tonne then.

Anyone want to buy some sand?

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