Thursday, May 08, 2008

Oh, the joys of parenthood. No sooner have we got number one daughter back on her feet and well enough to go back to school when number two starts regularly vomiting on the hour, every hour.

There's nothing to be done (apart from cleaning her up and giving love and cuddles - oh, and getting the order right is good as well; clean THEN cuddle is much the best arrangement).

It's a bug that's galloping around the village at the moment; a couple of days of adding to the laundry pile from both ends and then they are pack to normal. Still, it gave us something to talk about at the school gates. I spent half an hour this morning swapping vomit stories with the rest of them. Sometimes I wonder what the mums talk about when I'm not there. They probably spend most of their time discussing topics like Wittgenstein's view of the transcendental nature of the ethical. I'm sure I lower the tone.

1 comment:

Fyfingtonsmythe said...

Yip, just before you arrived the other morning we had gotten ourselves into a terrible tizz over the subject of Wittgenstein on the concept of an absolute judgment of value. Talk about handbags at twenty paces. Thank goodness for you and your puke talk ;o)

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