Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"I Dropped Myself!" - Daisy On Falling Over

So what the fuck went wrong last time!!!!

Sorry for that. i just spent ages typing a long entry on the new pooter, which arrived this afternoon only to get a humongous error message (even on a 17" screen it would have been big) and then the thing vanished taking all my hand-crafted witterings with it.

A test with the same settings went through okay.


In Short: It's freezing. The central heating boiler has died but we do have the new shiny pooter to keep us occupied as we freeze to death. After only three hours the pooter is starting to feel like our machine. By which I mean I've ripped all the soft cuddly warm rounded corners, and fuzzy stuff off every display option I can find, Merriol has started filling it up with pictures of the kids, and there is a web cam sellotaped to the top of the casing.

Just like old times.

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