Friday, December 15, 2006

Phoebe, over on her blog the other day, mentioned the kids in the house she is living with at the moment threatening one another with a "licking".
Little sister threatening big tormenting sister: "Don't make me lick you, Catherine!!!"
Today, Holly told Daisy off in the back of the car with the words:
"Stop being rude to me or I will lick you down to your toes.
Now I'm not quite sure what Catherine was being threatened with, if I remember my Tom Sawer, 'lick' in the US can mean to get the better of; defeat: licked her weight problem (thank you, but when Holly threatens to lick you - you get licked, great, slathery, wet tongue licks. It's like being attacked by a swarm of huge warm slugs.

The Plumbers returned today bearing expensive parts which were tried one by one - and then in all possible combinations.

Nothing worked.

So Roddy is off to Glasgow tomorrow to get us a new motor, the only working part of the boiler not yet dismantled, driven around the country for a few hours, and put back. The house smells of diesel again - apart from the kitchen which smells of diesel and polyurethane from the shelves which still haven't dried.

I'm going to bed with a tub of ice cream and may not emerge until April or May when it starts to get a bit warmer...


Liz Dwyer said...

So it's not just my kids! My three year old and five year old are all into this attacking me and licking my arm till it's sopping wet. It's pretty gross!

Phoebe J. Southwood said...

Yeah - Sarah means LICK - in California, it's less likely to hear that particular use of the word. It's pretty southern, actually.

Today at lunch there were lots of lick threats. Sarah stuck her tongue WAAAY out and came at me. I dodged, and Stephane perried with his much bigger adult man tongue and won the battle... but oh no... not the war!

Junk Monkey said...

Daisy bit her tongue the other day and I had to 'kiss it better'...

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