Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I thought I was going mad the other day. I finally started hearing voices. Weird little voices just on the limits of my perception. If I kept really still I could just hear them and I couldn't work out where they were coming from. There was this conversation going on just outside my hearing and after a while it started to get really distracting.; I wandered round the house looking for their source but couldn't find them anywhere. I checked everything. All the radios were off neither of the televisions were on, none of the kids toys make that kind of noise, no talking books on the CD player, phones were on the hooks, computers were muted... Wherever I went in the house the voices followed me and never seemed to get any louder. I thought it might be someone out on the street. I wandered outside and couldn't see anyone.I was just starting to believe that I was truly going mad when I realised my phone's MP3 player, on my belt was switched on and playing an old Science Fiction radio play I had downloaded on the lowest possible volume through its tiny inbuilt speaker.
Instant sanity.

Holly's School concert yesterday. As usual leaving everything to the last minute we ended up there just on time but with a camcorder with a flat battery and loaded with a tape which I hoped had nothing too important on it. Daisy and Mum settled themselves in seats and I wandered up to the back of the hall where the School Christmas tree was resplendent with TWO sets of lights. I traced the cables to the plugs and after a surreptitious fiddle with the switches decided which of the sets was least likely to be missed, unplugged it and ran the Camcorder off the socket.

Holly was beautiful (but you would expect me to say that wouldn't you) the best Gaelic Christmas Angel ever and I have the footage to prove it.

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