Monday, December 18, 2006

My Brain Is Invisible; That's Why I Sometimes Leave It Behind

Merriol found her Christmas pressy today.

This not a bad thing.

It is a good thing.

You see, I bought Merriol's present when we were in Glasgow last month. Repulsed at the door of Lush by the eye-watering anti-bloke punge they pump out to keep the husbands and boyfriends at bay while they sell expensive soaps to hypnotised women (I guess I'm much more heterosexual than I thought) I rushed over the Buchanan Street to the safety of Borders, (at least their stock doesn't attack your sinuses).
Wandering around in hypnotised bibliojunkie bloke mode I found THE PRESENT!; the thing I needed to buy for Merriol for Christmas, but hadn't realised existed until I saw it there on the shelf. I grabbed it and hurried to the checkout, and got a phone call from Merriol who was now in Borders with a huge bagful of girly punge stuffs and looking for me. I told her I was invisible and not to try and find me, bought THE PRESENT!, had it wrapped at the handy "We Know It's Christmas Soon And You May Have To Smuggle This Past Your Insert Loved One Here" wrapping station, and went to find Merriol before she got to the Paperchase section of the store and went into spending mode again.

Two days later, back home, I realised I had absolutely no idea where the THE PRESENT! was. Tonight, the mystery was solved; it turned out that Merriol had planked it in one of our cupboards with all the other stuff we smuggled (unwrapped) into the house past the kids. Luckily she recognised it as the missing PRESENT! and didn't try to open it.

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Anonymous said...

I don't have a brain, so I don't ever have to worry about where it is! How much did your invisible brain cost? I've been thinking about getting a pink one!

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