Friday, December 08, 2006

Experimental Domestic Science

(Number 37)

Yesterday I decided we were going to have baked potatoes for tea.
We have a big bag of potatoes in the kitchen.
They are unwashed.
I hate washing potatoes.
We have a dishwasher...
(you can see where this is going can't you?)

It didn't work. Either I need cleaner potatoes to start with or a bigger dishwasher.

Hard day with the kids today. Nothing terrible, no tantrums, no screaming matches, just a long day. There was no school this afternoon for some reason and I was tired, the kids weren't and that is not a good combination. I had a bit of a break when Holly helped Pa wash the car for its birthday, and then this evening Merriol took them off into the Fort to see Father Christmas on the High Street (with REAL raindeer! Apparently the kids were totally unfazed to see the deer corralled in the car park when they arrived. It just meant they got a good look at them first without the crowds getting in the way. I don't suppose either of them wondered why Father Christmas would need to park his raindeer in a car park but they seemed to have had a good time. They returned home tired and happy, which is a good combination.

Merriol has asked me point out (her actual words were "Oi! You lying toad!") that it was she who bought the Phil Spector album. She's probably right (she usualy is*). It was a long time ago, years before we were married, or had kids - so I think it probably proved to be a wise investment.

*even when she isn't.


Phoebe J. Southwood said...

Love the * in this post. It says so very much!!! :)

Phoebe J. Southwood said...

Hey. I knew I forgot something in my first comment. Wanted to ask you all about the "Oi." I think I said it when I was there, and heads turned a little quicklier than my meaning meant to turn heads.

So it got me thinking that "Oi" isn't just a regular old "Hey" - that can mean "HEY GET FRAK OFF MY LAWN YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING KIDS!" and also, "hey man, I'm feeling so groovy. pass me another brownie" or "hey - uh - could I have that with non-fat milk?"


How would you describe how you use "Oi"? What does "Oi" mean to you?

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