Saturday, December 02, 2006

That Slug Has Stripes; I think It Is An American Slug

Saturday. Merriol disappeared early this morning to finish off end of month stuff at the surgery - and she took the kids with her! A feeling of peace and inner contentment washed over me as I cuddled back under the duvet. Peace. Child free peace. Two minutes later Morag rang, looking for Merriol, and I felt so guilty about still being in bed that I immediately got up and did vast amounts of hoovering and other jobs best done without kids underfoot - including taking the deep fat fryer to pieces and shoving it in the dishwasher. When I clean, I clean.

Later I met them all, Merriol and our kids, Morag and her kids, down at the TIC and then everyone piled back to our house. Oh what fun! Mike is writing an essay and keeping the kids out from under his feet was the game today. After an hour or so of near bedlam I discovered we needed groceries and legged it to the Fort. It was nice getting in the car and being able to put on a CD that didn't have "The Wheels On The Bus" as a track.

I bought a couple of books last week. (This is news?) Tucked inside one of them was a letter dated July 1944 in some sort of foreign which turned out to be Danish. I found a site that will translate Danish to English but it's reading the handwriting that is going to be the difficult bit. If / when I get it worked out - and if it turns out to be in anyway interesting - I'll post it here soon. Remind me.

More on the Buffalo thing:

Thanks Kimberly, but I still haven't got a scooby...

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