Thursday, December 14, 2006

How Many Best Friends Have I got?

Bedtime tonight:


I love you Holly, more than anything in the world.

Even more than chocolate?

Even more than chocolate.

Even more than ice-cream?

Yes Holly, I love you even more than ice-cream

How about chocolate ice-cream?

Okay, time for bed.

She almost had me!

The Central Heating - or lack of - Saga part whatever: the component for the central heating is not being posted to us now, the earliest the manufacturers could promise to get it here was "some time in the New Year", instead the plumbers have located the relevant bit in Inverness, so one of them, Roddy, is driving 180 odd miles tomorrow to pick it up. This is going to cost us a fortune!) Over the last week or so - in an attempt to keep warm I have been clearing out the workshop and making some space in there. Last night I got to do some house improving stuff for the first time in months, putting up some shelves in the kitchen. I bought the wood on Wednesday and the shelves are now finished, varnished and drying. The shortest turn around time for a job in this house for years!

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