Saturday, January 13, 2007

Domestic Blissitude

A nothing day. Really, we did nothing. Got up late went to the National Trust Place in Glencoe because, being local, we get free coffee (local coffee for local people). Coffee turned into lunch, which turned into wandering around the exhibition doing all the kiddy bits (actually most of it is pretty kiddy even the 'grown up' bits) one pretty groovy bit shows the history of the geology of the Glen on 3 big widescreen TVs all synched to show one panoramic image. A bit like Cinerama. Trouble was for me that there was no commentry on the video, which means you have no idea what the hell all the flashy CGI you are looking at actually means. Mountain Volcano -er... Glacier? Merriol reckons that the lack of any commentary means there are no language barriers, or, to put it another way, it is totally uninformative in every known language in the world, including Esperanto, Interlingua, and Volap√ľk.

Came home and Mike and his boys called in to have tea with us. Mike's the only other stay at home dad in the village. Within moments of his arrival he was admiring, and I was enthusing about, a little squeezy mop thing I have for cleaning the kitchen floor and he was saying he wanted a brush and dustpan on a stick thing like the one I use for sweeping the stairs. Then it struck both of us simultaniously that this was a bizarre conversation for two adult men to be having. It was almost like we we performing some parody of a 1950s commercial. "Yes! it's so handy and stores away so conveniently!". All it needed was one of us to have been wearing a floral pinny and the image would have been complete. The utter awfulness was we were both deadly serious. The mop thing is brilliant. The brush on a stick thing IS the best thing for sweeping the stairs.

I need to buy a Harley.

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