Saturday, January 27, 2007

Zounds! Crivvens! - or something.

It's Friday night and I, sad old fart that I am, am tucked up in the office scanning the covers of most of the CDs I bought today so they can go on eBay next week. Merriol had the day off so she could go wander round Au Natural a shop stuffed full to the gunwales with male baffling girly pointlessnesses (most of it was brown this week). We left the kids with Sue and scarpered into the Fort. It was great being free of them for an afternoon. Merriol got to go and do intense girl shopping. Thirty quids worth of coloured fats in plastic applicators from the make-up counter of Boots seemed to cheer her up no end. And I wandered around the charity shops and stocked up on "I have never heard of them but for 50P I'll give it a go" CDs, most of which are now heading for eBay after I found out why I had never heard of them (or they end up in the box where un-eBayable CDs live against the day I get signed up with a decent CD swap-site). Still, it's added a few more names to my, extensive, "I have heard of them and they are shit" list.

We also got to eat lunch slowly and without having to wipe noses or take one of the kids for a pee half-way through. We went to Fired Art I was too busy enjoying my bagel and coffee to pay much attention to what was going on around me, which is a pity as behind my back there was a long saga unfolding which involved lots of coming in and out of the shop, calls on mobile phones and people out on the pavement waving dead mice around in carrier bags. I think the bag (and mouse) was eventually left under the windscreen wipers of someone's car but I have no idea what it was all about. Merriol saw most of it so I'll let her tell all when she gets round to blogging again. (The mouse I had best point out, was nothing to do with the cafe. It was out in another car - it had been driven there.)

Tomorrow is Merriol's birthday and she has invited women round to be girly and silly without anyone trying to sell them Tupperware or Rampant Rabbits at the end of the evening (hence the trip to the shrine of anti-testosteronishness - she was buying stuff to put in the party goody bags - wait a minute! Where did this weird habit come from? It was bad enough that kids now seem to stand in line waiting for a handout when they leave your house but now it's spreading to adults? It's bad enough that we have invite people round to the house at all (Bah! Humbug!) but apparently we now have to bribe them as well! It's getting to the point where everyone who comes through the door wants stuff - I wonder how long it would take to dig and stock a moat with piranhas? or I could just nail the doors shut I suppose, that would be easier.

Needless to say when all this girlishly pink girly girlyness is going on tomorrow night I will be upstairs with big headphones on watching something stupid and violent, with explosions, no plot and people wearing colour coded hats.


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Phoebe J. Southwood said...

I remember a certain generous someone who loaded our suitcase with a metric buttload of Dr. Who related media...

NO COMPLAINTS HERE. I'm just sayin...

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