Monday, January 15, 2007

This is weird. The whole "I've made you a sodding cup of tea and have hidden it down stairs in an attempt to lure you away from the computer" thing I mentioned the other day is, as I suspected it was going to be, a thing of the past.

We are both currently sitting here at the same desk; me blogging away and re-installing anti virus software on the old pooter, Merriol updating her bebo profile (it's some sort of young people's girly Myspaceish thing) on the new one, she is also downloading a thrilling episode of "Radarmen From the Moon!"* - I have some daft plan to write and record an alternative dialogue track for a movie (Why not? Everyone else is doing it.)
I was going to try this with a full length, out of copyright, movie, like the bloody awful, free to play with The Day the Sky Exploded which I watched the other week, but coming up with 90 minutes or so of stupid jokes was too daunting. Actually the thought of watching The Day the Sky Exploded again, even once, was just too daunting. Terrible film. So tonight, I had the fantastico idea of just doing one episode from a creaky old Republic serial. They're short! And Episode 11 of Radarmen From the Moon!! is it. It's only 13 minutes long. (Or maybe episode 12). All I have to do now is convince some other people to help me with the acting and the techie bits - recording the soundtrack, then glueing it onto the pictures - Hello Ilona!, Hi Paul! Hi Ben! and bingo! One movie. Hmmmm.
Question: I wonder how you submit movies to the IMDb?
(45 seconds of Googletime later**)
Answer: Get it broadcast and/or distributed first. Damn!

Oh yeah, and I got to write it - Hi Mike! I think to make it work I will have to make it genuinely funny. So many mashup things I have seen done have just been crude and pointless. Little boy humour. "Let's make Postman Pat say "fuck" a lot, Tee hee hee !" What made Mystery Science Theater 3000 so great for me and such a success was the fact that the humour was already in the film. They just dug it out. Stuff that was just sitting there waiting to be laughed at, unnoticed until they pointed it out and then, dammit Jim, it was funny.

(Edit: Having just watched the episode which eventually finished downloading after I posted this I can see I'm going to have my work cut out, but I will give it a go.)

Anyway, here we are sitting side by side in our own little cyber-caff, doing our own wee computery thingies, and resisting the impulse to eMail each other while in the same room (we actually did that once a few years ago, we had two pooters in the living room wired together through to 56k modem via a mess of serial cables and data switches and used to have to take turns getting on line. Tell that to the young people of today and they won't believe you. It was 3 years ago) Anyway! (again) There we are sitting there typing away, and trying to remember where I put the spell checker, and after a very short while indeed, it turns out we are trying to manoeuvre each other into going downstairs and making a cuppa because, "well it's just not my bloody turn and I'm parched!" At least when we were queuing up to use the machine the tea used to arrive a little more regularly.

For some reason I keep loosing tonight.

* there isn't really an exclamation mark in the title but there should be.

** 55 minutes in real time, time spent Googling being infinitely elastic.

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