Sunday, January 07, 2007

I find it hard to believe it was Tuesday when I last blogged.

Precious little of any real note seems to have happened over the past few days.

I will try and have a more interesting time starting tomorrow.

Next day:

I failed.

Saturday was spent shopping in Oban. An event notable only for the incredible length of time it took Merriol to get past the clothing sale on the first aisle of Tescos and the fact that the shop had the first Easter goodies on display. It's the 6th of January. The baby Jesus is only 12 days old and already the celebrations that go with nailing him to a tree are in full swing.

I think I frightened a mouse to death last night. We have our annual mouse problem; every winter one or two of the little sods take up residence, and every year I set traps and manage to get them. Over the years I have discovered that chocolate seems to be the best bait though over the last few days I have been experimenting with dried mango. Last night I set the trap in the kitchen and this morning found it had tripped. Lying next to it, but not touching it in any way, was a very dead mouse. I didn't do an autopsy but it didn't exhibit the usual signs of having been killed by a mouse trap (ie having its head stuck in the thing, and its brains coming out its nose) so I guess it must have died from shock when the trap went off as it approached. That or a bunch of other mice left the body and ran away trying to fool me into thinking I have got them all.

Christ! the web is evil. It has just taken me an hour to type this mainly because I kept getting distracted by watching 1980s Estonian TV commercials. I don't understand Estonian, have no idea what half of these commercials are advertising even after watching them several times, but I found them weirdly fascinating (especially, curiously enough, the one with the naked girl in the paddling pool full of bubbles.)

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