Monday, January 08, 2007

There is a mania (with lots of funding) around here for all signs to be in Gaelic as well as English. Most signs are pretty straightforward and understandable, both in motive and legibility. Town Names and street names for example. Sometimes they are just plain confusing on both counts. The most bewildering example I've discovered so far is at the Stalker View Cafe overlooking "The Castle Aaaaaaaargh!". We stop there occassionally when we are on our way to Oban

On a panorama of the view you could see if it wasn't raining all the time, various geographical features are picked out. Including this:

Loch Laich - from the Gaelic for "Duck Loch"
Loch Laich - bhon Ghaidhlig airson "Duck Loch"

Me baffled.


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