Thursday, January 18, 2007

Me Bumped My Whole Self

The Radarmen From the Moon! (Episode 11: The One Where Rachel Snogs Rocketman) thing is turning into a bit of an obsession. At the moment I am going through the whole movie breaking it down into a shot list and putting in what jokes occur to me as I go. When I have finished that, I will just watch the thing over and over again and see what strikes me. Long and drawn out though it is, at least this way I have a ready made framework in which to drop the funnies. It's probably the most irritatingly labour intensive way I could have devised to do this but, given the haphazardly random way I come up with 'funnies', I need the discipline of having a script to work to, otherwise I am just going to have a huge pile of unsorted and unsortable bits of paper full of half scribbled ideas.

Paul has agreed to help, though I don't think he quite knows what he has let himself in for. The first thing I need him to do is write some music for a song. The opening titles to this thing are so deadly dull that no one will sit through them till the fun really starts, so we are going to have a stupid song running over them in an attempt to keep the audience from turning off in the first 45 seconds. Though, given that I know nothing about songwriting and the first draft looks like this, I doubt if anyone will be watching after 30 seconds.

RocketMan! RocketMan!
Fighting against depravity!
RocketMan RocketMan!
Defying the laws of gravity!
He zooms from left to right,
He always wins his fight,
He flies from here to there
He never musses his hair
It’s Rocketman! Rocketman! Rocketman!

RocketMan! RocketMan!
Zooms through the air in defiance,
RocketMan! RocketMan!
of most of the laws of science!
He’s got a bucket on his head
His uncle’s name was Fred
He can fly right over houses
In his flame retardant trousers
It’s Rocketman! Rocketman! Rocketman!

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